Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada

Learning Centres for Children - Barrie and Muskoka

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The idea of forming a Learning Centre project commenced in December 2007; completing with the official opening of the Scottish Rite Learning Centre for dyslexic children in Barrie, in September 2009.


The Scottish Rite is a branch of freemasonry, a centuries-old fraternal organization. The Learning Centre operates under the auspices of the Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada.


The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Learning Centre - Valley of Barrie is a non-profit charity registered with Revenue Canada under letters patent of incorporation (2010), funded by donations and bequests from groups and individuals throughout Ontario and Canada.


The charity is dedicated to “helping solve the puzzles of the mind”.


At the Learning Centre, children with dyslexia learn to read.





The most gratifying event of the year at the Learning Centre is the annual "Celebration of Achievement". This is a graduation ceremony for the youngsters. At the same time groups and individuals who have supported the Learning Centre over the past year are recognized.


The graduates had to complete a thorough curriculum of reading, writing, language conventions, phonetics, and spelling. This was delivered in sequential lessons, twice a week over more than two years. This is only the classroom portion. There is homework as well as family support to ensure the lessons are applied and used daily. Since the opening of the Learning Centre in September of 2009, just five years ago, the total number of graduates now stands at seven.


It has become customary for each of the graduates to speak to the audience, expressing their thanks to their tutor and Scottish Rite. Often the tutor's and parents add other comments. It is a moving and poignant moment in the ceremony.




Another part of the graduation ceremony is when the donors and volunteers are recognized.


The Learning Centre has established a 'Donor and Volunteer Recognition Program' to acknowledge those who make a significant annual contribution to the Barrie Learning Centre. Each year at this event, key groups and individuals who have contributed their resources and time to the Learning Centre are recognized and honoured. Donors who have contributed $500 or more annually receive an attractive polar bear lapel pin and personalized certificate.


Similarly, volunteers are recognized with a personalized certificate of appreciation.